Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yesterday Pranay said so many things that I just have to jot down all that now. He is 2 years n 8 months old now. He dirtied his feet so I said there is lizard poopoo in his socks n hands. Laughing he came n touched my face saying Kaisi lagi lizard poopoo!

Then he was having tulsi chai n was sayin to himself, badhae doodh ki shakti! It's a line from complain ad..

We were out buying vegetables n were asking the guy the rates when he was heard saying Saath rupe ke bacche.

U ask him time n he says gyara paune das :)

I was asking him to give back a toy or something when he said rum kitni achhi ho! He at 2 has learnt the way to a woman's heart while his dad at 32 has not! I. Love this generation!

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