Tuesday, November 26, 2013

he copies his dad all the time!

I gave Ajay a blanket, and he said he did not want it right now, and just kept it with him. Immediately afterwards I threw one on Pranay, and he just repeated what Ajay had said.. So, I had to throw one on Ajay first, and then P did not have any objection. :)

Today he tole me "I am doing tech support" :) And when I laughed he sheepishly said "kabhi kabhi papa karte hian, kabhi kabh Pranay karta hai"

He sits on the laptop exactly like Ajay, pulling his sleeves up, sipping his tea (water for Pranay), with no time to lift his head up and even see the glass of tea :) And he holds the phone like him too, with his shoulder and ear :D:D Ajay does it cause he has something in his hands, mostly the laptop or baby, Pranay does it to copy him :D He folds the pillow, throws his socks, even wets his hair every time he washes his hands! (That Ajay does only in the morning when he goes to drop Pranay to school without taking bath!!!

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